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Sabine works directly with motivated individuals, interpreting their ideas, goals, ethos and their WHY, establishing strategy models and providing all the resources needed to confidently drive an enterprise forward - locally and globally.  Ultimately, she transfers perceived problems into success strategies.

Her methodology is based on creating chaordic thought architecture by building environments that create an atmosphere where the mind can be challenged and where change can occur.  She brings to her clients recognised expertise in the field of decoding below conscious or camouflaged drivers and finding new connections where others only see messy brain dumps. 

As a thought catalyst, Sabine loves these joyous “Aha!” moments in problem-solving, when a previously unsolvable puzzle becomes suddenly clear and creates a momentum beyond expectations.  

Sabine provides Life-Style branding, a journey that has taken her the last 20 years to study. Sabine expects it to continue for a lifetime because the world is rapidly evolving and because she is incurably interested in learning. 


Presently based in Australia, near Brisbane, Sabine works globally. 




  • Professional Thought Catalyst

  • Futurist

  • Decoder of 'Brain-Dumps'

  • Change Agent 

  • Life-Style Branding Story-Teller

  • Creative Director

Established in 2010 by A. Sabine Warlich, House of Iconic provides a multi-disciplined hub to a niche international clientele of entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Sabine offers a diverse scope of expertise, spanning various industries and backed up with 25 years of experience as a 






Relevance is fleeting! There is only a short moment when it is just the right time to create positive action. Together we re-evaluate this most important asset of your brand. We build a brand journey that creates a continuous flow of moments of relevance that leads your customer from awareness to purchase and retention. 


Because great brands are more than data. Great brands are great stories. We analyse your brand through the lens of consumers, the marketplace, customers, competitors and employees and much more.

Brand Universe

We love to inspire and build memorable experience architecture that solves your brand’s main problems of identity, authenticity and quantity in branded storytelling. We listen, take a seed of your idea, nurture it and make it thrive to a brand universe that keeps on giving endless possibilities for products, services, touch points and experiences.

Strategic Research

We identify future-facing insights that enable you to rethink what you know today and refocus on the consumer, category and context of tomorrow. We re-evaluate the external forces set to affect your business and brand and transform these questions into long-term growth opportunities. 

Product Development & Design

How do the best design performers increase their revenues

at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts?  Only the very best designs now stand out from the crowd, given the rapid rise in consumer expectations. We help to turn new ideas into value in the form of new products, services or ways of doing things. This activity goes beyond creativity or invention to include the practical steps necessary for adoption.

Innovation Strategy

We inspire you to develop market-leading and game-changing brands, products, services and experiences that make your business fit for the future. Because a visual is worth a thousand words, we create dynamic and inspiring visualisation tools, that bring your enterprise engineering and architecture to life and clearly communicate your vision.

Consumer Trends Intelligence

Slightest modifications in the way we collectively experience the world have huge effects on the relevance of your brand. How can these continually arising opportunities and challenges create transformational growth for your brand? We define your future today by exploring the key global trends that will affect your business tomorrow. 

Campaigns and Content: Seasonal Campaigns - E-commerce - Photoshoots - Creative Direction & Production - Local & Overseas


Creative Studio: Art Direction - Stills & Motion - Styling - Start to Finish Production -  Post Production

Other Services

 The ancient sign of a new consciousness - wild and free, a 

breathtaking beauty. The meaning of the Pegasus serves to attain

ultimate freedom with no boundaries of time and space. This magnificent creature comes to us to lift us above the ordinary, to take us to experience something extraordinary. Pegasus is a symbol to go beyond limitations, to connect to our innermost vision, to be recognised and brought forth.

I believe that all human beings have the longing and capacity to transform themselves into individuals with exceptional professional expertise combined with emotional intelligence skills. I believe in the potential of brands to be of service to society and humanity while creating shareholder wealth. I believe in serving every client in every interaction with the purpose to demonstrate expertise, empathy, trustworthiness and generosity.

I believe that brand strategy should be an exercise in human psychology and that brands need to author their own narratives and find a higher purpose.  

I believe that your brand should be the answer to a human

desire - to break our daily routine to solve our daily

problems and to give us the magic of happiness

- if only for a moment.


I believe other things too. You can get in touch with me.

"Ahhh, to thunder across the lands,

to fly among the clouds, soaring over the oceans, reaching lands

that have yet to be explored, yet to be discovered..."           



Sabine's Universe