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Macro Trend - Modesty is the New Power

“Modesty is the highest elegance.” - Coco Chanel

"Power is so Yesterday"

For the first time, integrity and humility have been identified as the number one skill for the future.

In fact, with the rise of smart machines and up to 40% of jobs in the next 20 years at risk of being replaced by AI, humility has new value.

Humility will be an important brand personality trait. Humble leaders are the leaders of tomorrow and this will be reflected in the importance of humble brands. It requires a shift from the pervasive command-and-control style to one of curiosity, collaboration and creativity. Humble brands connect with their customers at a human level. They’re open-minded, collaborative and listen. They create an atmosphere of trust, respect and equality. Humility connects people and it attracts customers rather than having to hustle for them. It collaborates, uses initiative and drives innovation and performance.

Modesty is a subdomain of humility. Modesty makes people feel at ease in your presence; they know you’re not going to make them feel stupid. If you aren’t modest, people feel manipulated or inadequate.


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