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Macro Trend - The 'Thank You' Economy

"It’s about the humanisation of business. Success will come through out-caring everyone."

Indeed, search.twitter.com is the most important site on the internet today because it enables anyone to monitor and respond to what millions of people are saying about a particular brand, business or topic - in real-time.

Don't delegate social media.

In the future building a relationship with your consumers and offer them relevant brand experiences will be paramount. The power of listening. Consumer feedback gathered on the web is something C-level executives must personally monitor. You need to listen and respond and nurture a one-to-one relationship with the consumer. This is going to transform the way companies do business. Moreover, carefully monitoring and engaging in conversations with consumers is essential to implementing the kind of innovation that, paired with disruptive thinking, are most likely to succeed in today’s increasingly unpredictable market.


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