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Macro Trend - The Rise of the Geek

House of Iconic

"As a result of the exploding creativity in the tech sector, traditionally non-tech people have turned into absolute tech-freaks."

From superhero movies and tech sitcoms to industry moguls, Geeks have been running the show for years now. Nerds have become mainstream.

In the 80/90s Geeks were boring social misfit. The ‘weird’ values and introspective obsessions of this formerly despised subculture has become something to aspire to.

The Nerd becomes an Outlaw and a Member of an Elite

The digital revolution elevated Geeks extraordinaire to unprecedented power and influence. Geekism is becoming synonymous with entrepreneurialism, self-motivation and independence instead of weakness. And - being a Geek is a sign of education. If education is scarce and expensive then you'll begin to unconsciously flaunt your commitment to the life of the mind. As a result, Hollywood discovered a rich stream of IP and business opportunities in boosting geek culture. Think: Star Wars, Marvel and JRR Tolkien.

Visionary Today - The Brand Future is Thinking Geek

Science Fiction is thriving everywhere, in television, fashion, pop culture and in also in brand DNA. The most interesting aspect for brand innovation is being created in Design Fiction. Here, geek-driven ideas are liberating science, technology and philosophical ideas, creating an abundance of innovations and storytelling opportunities.

There is Something that’s making Modern Geekism Broader and more Robust than Previous Cultural Waves

>> Going Geek does not just represent a change from the achievement values of the 80/90s. It's more fundamental than that.

>> It marks the end of the 1950s ‘Reaganism’ and ‘Regular Joe’ mindset with all its suspicion of outsiders and intellectuals. Today this has changed. The geek becomes the hero who brings miracles into being.

>> Superheroes, video games and fantasy novels are all about escapism and retreating into the comforts of adolescence. It seems that celebrating escapism is an essential part of how we live today. Many believe that's the reason that Geekism is displaying greater longevity and adaptability than previous cultural waves.

>> But maybe even more important is Geekism’s business ability. Geek has the ideas, the money and is robust enough to keep a grip on the real world. Think: Apple, Marvel, Disney, TED, MMPORGs (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games)

But - Behold the Dark Side of Geekism

Think Silicon Valley and the destructive forces Facebook is facing. If Geeks aren’t modest, people feel manipulated or exploited. The Geek hero of the future will act with humility, collaboration to create an atmosphere of trust, respect and equality. [More here]


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