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Marketing v/s Branding

THERE IS A DIFFERENCE: Marketing is not Branding and vice versa.

Branding is who you are. Marketing is what tools you use to build awareness and deliver a Brand’s message. Even if you hire a Marketing Genius, unless you have your unique Branding and Creative Strategies correct you’re wasting valuable time and money sending out the wrong messages.

Many organisations believe marketing is all about logos and advertising. They don’t realize, that the brand leader should drive everything in the company.

The brand idea should drive the brand positioning, strategic plan, consumer experience, product innovation, brand story, channel management and business results.

While the brand leader in your company doesn't do any of the work surrounding the brand, he/she should be involved in every decision. This doesn't mean brand leaders do everything. Experts are responsible to deliver specific tasks, however brand leaders have to inspire that expert and then make every decision for that expert.

It is the brand idea that should steer everyone who works behind the scenes of the brand.

There are some companies who are sales led >>> When each sales professional uses their own message to sell, there’s no consistency message or consistent reputation you can build and own.

There are some companies who are product led >>> If you start with the product and then try to make it work with consumers you left with the problem to make consumers want what you have rather of having a product that consumers want. The brand idea should always be based on market/consumers expectations and therefor drive product development.

Regardless how you look at it, if the brand does not deliver a consistent message, the consumer will be confused and shut out that brand.

The brand leader, is the custodian of that brand idea and needs to make sure everyone in the organization is following and use it to drive every major element of the brand.

The role of the brand ambassador sits at the center of the organisation and must drive each element of the brand:


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