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Why Storytelling?

There has been storytelling as long as there have been humans on this planet.

Storytelling is how people

store and remember information.

Stories give context to


allowing the mind to process

and retrieve it when needed.

Great stories

travel across time,

across cultures and across target audiences.

This understanding is more

important today than ever

with the explosion of information

and marketing messages

all around us.

Finding your story behind your brand is essential and finding a purpose, a greater story to link your enterprise with, is vital.

Storytelling is the only way to create a message that travels, that evolves, that unifies and that gives consumers a framework to absorb, understand and internalize your brand DNA and message. Also, it’s the only way to protect your brand against commoditization and IP copying or imitation. Your story's content and main protagonists can't be transferred without losing meaning and context.

The Power of the Universe

My process for maximizing the power of your story is the ideation of your vision, values and brand personality into a defined space to express emotions, actions and inspiration. Because great brands are more than data. Great brands are great stories.

More coming soon!


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