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Macro Trend - Wellness Culture Lifestyle

We are living in wellness-obsessed times. As a result, we’re seeing an impact on all products and services. This Macro Trend counteracts today’s fast life and fast food.

Health is the Biggest Luxury of our Time.

Wellness and health is turning into one of the biggest luxuries of our time since most food has deteriorated into mass-produced, finished and low nutritious products. Yes, this food is cheap, but also unhealthy and Jamie Oliver describes it famously as refined waste.

As a result of all the bad diet, obesity has evolved into a huge problem in mainstream society today - worldwide.

Not more than fifty years ago it was the other way around. It was a sign of wealth to be able to eat plenty, it was luxury to eat exotic food from the other side of the planet and thus the upper class was overweight.

Now it is a luxury to be able to eat locally grown healthy organic food right in the middle of the city.

Former hippie lifestyle values are now commodified and have been given the corporate makeover

>>> Think organic smoothie with 'healing' spices or a bowl of 'ancient' grains and 'ethically' sourced greens in the supermarket. This once counterculture has gone mainstream, driven by our shared desire to get back in touch with nature, with each other, ethical, enlightened and environmentally responsible — without technology.

The consumer of the future demands to know what we eat, how it is produced and by whom because they want to maintain local culture and biodiversity.

More here Icon-trend/Supreme-Regionalism.

This trend is not restricted to the food related industry. Indeed, there is no product that I can think of, that doesn't benefit from a wellness spin in it's brand DNA.

What makes this trend so ‘macro’ is the new symbiotic relationship between Hippy ideology and Capitalism. Being ‘clean’ has never been more lucrative. Think Yoga or Pilates (which can be done for free at home) for which we now spend $50 and more to do in a spiritually stimulating studio. >>> Wellness buzzwords are #culturally inspired #free-from #made with love #high vibration #with purpose #cruelty-free #activated #clean #spiritual.

Brands Need to Walk the Talk

People are tired about the mental pollution that is caused by never-ending marketing messages. The more developed a market is, the more critical will be the consumer. They have learned to distinguish between authentic and fake ideologies invented by marketers. Millions of dollars will be spent by businesses via their brands on real charitable causes in order to prove to an increasingly informed and critical consumer that they walk the (brand) talk. Brands will do very well by inflating the ways they’re doing good. >>> Think Toms Shoes with its tagline 'Purpose-driven, for-profit company’.

Non-Profit Brand DNA will be the Core of ‘For-Profit’ Businesses

The Health Trend will be so embedded in our culture, that companies will need to reflect that ethos everywhere both, externally and internally. Companies will need to extend their altruistic activism values into the company structure. Employees’ health care, equality, fair salaries and minimum wages are just some examples of a truly authentic ethical wellness brand DNA. The true focus of the business will be to leverage value by promoting social change for the good. With other words, a non-profit brand DNA will be the core of ‘for-profit’ businesses.

Activism has Become Business. The industry will capitalize on the changing attitudes of cashed-up millennials’ desire to support brands that aren’t wrecking the planet somewhere along the supply chain. ‘Clean’ beauty products make up nearly half the global beauty market and the organic personal care market is expected to nearly double in size, to $25 billion, by 2025.


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